The Crown Series



God worked with many people in the Old Testament to keep the nation of Israel alive because mostof the people had chosen to forsake Him and serve false Gods. The Crown Series is a collection of these Bible Heroes that will help you to understand the love that God has for us and the extent that He would go through to bring salvation to His children.

The Crown Series is a collection of stories about Bible heroes that tell us of the love God has for His children. After the fall in the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve chose to disobey Him and heed to the devil's lie, God was forced to withdraw His Spirit from them because He is Holy and sin cannot exist in His presence. However, God never gave up on His children, and even though throughout the generations to follow, they chose to serve false gods and follow the lusts of their sinful hearts, God continuously sent prophets to guide them and bring them back. When the time was right, He came to earth Himself in the body of Jesus to live amongst us and to become the One who would take our sins to the cross and set us free from the devil's clutches.

These stories are written with simplicity so that children, young adults and new believers alike can understand who the heroes are and why God chose them and worked through them to save the nation of Israel during the times when they were about to be permanently destroyed.  Each story is read by Grandpa to his grandson, Lucas, who asks the questions that we might want to ask.  

Each story has an underlying theme based on a situation that Lucas is enduring at the time. Readers will not only learn about the history of the nation of Israel, but through the Biblical facts about these heroes and the situations that surround them,  they will also realize how they can overcome similar circumstances in their own lives.

Based on Scripture, loaded with action, and charged with emotion, each story will help you to know God and will show you how to deal with circumstances that you may face in your own life. 

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The first book in the series is called From Cradle to King!

This is the story of Jesus from His miraculous birth to His amazing death and resurrection, and ending with His return to Heaven. It may seem odd that Jesus is included in this series; however, Jesus is the greatest of heroes because He is the Son of God who gave up His throne in Heaven to come to earth and die for our sins so that we could be free and able to go to Heaven when we die. Jesus is the ultimate hero! He is the Savior of the world!

The story is based on Bible Scripture and put into a story format with some imaginative details mixed in to make it easier to read and understand. We will learn of His devotion to our Heavenly Fatherly when He was only 12 years old, how He grew up as a carpenter with His earthly father, Joseph, and how He spent the last three and a half years of His life trying to show people that He was the promised Messiah, the Savior who would come and take their sins away, and the One who would become King to rule over them forever.

This book will enable readers to know the truth about Jesus, who He is and why He came to earth as the Savior of the world.

The theme of this book is "Love".

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The second book in the Crown Series is called From Slave to Hero

This is the story of Joseph who is often referred to as Joseph the Dreamer. It wasn't easy being the one son out of 12 who was favored by his father and yet hated by his brothers. Even though his mother died when he was young, Joseph loved God and maintained a joyful and positive attitude, and God blessed him with dreams that the rest of the family didn't appreciate—at the time.

This book is packed with action and overrunning with emotion as we read how Joseph was sold into slavery by his own brothers and then sent to a horrible prison where he not only suffered physically, but mentally bore the painful emotions of his brothers' wrath towards him. But God didn't leave him there! Instead, He blessed Joseph so that he became the Governor of Egypt, the second most powerful ruler in the land, and the one whose brothers would eventually bow down to, just as one of his dreams had foretold.

Readers will be able to understand why Joseph was chosen by God to save His people!

The theme of this book is "Forgiveness".

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The third book in the Crown Series is called From Prince to Prophet

Moses was born at a time when the king of the land called for all baby boys to be killed, and so his Hebrew mother hid him in a basket in a river where the daughter of the King (Pharaoh) found him and took him home to raise him as her own son. This young boy grew up in wealth and with privilege, and became a mighty warrior, well educated and primed to be the next Pharaoh. But God had other plans for His Hebrew Son.

God's children had become slaves in Egypt where Joseph had brought them to save them from their first destruction. Now Moses would have to bring them out of slavery and into the promised land, but it was no easy task that God had called him to do. And it all began when Moses defended a Hebrew slave against Pharaoh's judgment and fled for his life. He was stripped of his adopted heritage and became a fugitive in the wilderness where God  trained him for his next phase in life.

You will learn why Moses was chosen and how he remains to this day to be a mighty servant loved by God.

The theme of this book is "Humility".

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The fourth book in the Crown Series is called From Shepherd to King

David was a shepherd boy when we first read about him, who watched over his father's cattle while his older brothers fought in King Saul's army. He had a deep love for God even as a child, and God blessed him with musical and poetic talents, as well as the skill to become a mighty warrior throughout his adult years. David is known for having "the heart of God" because He loved and worshiped God even when he was at his lowest points in life—and David had many low points.

He was anointed by God to be King over Israel, but it wasn't an easy life as he had enemies that forced him to be a hunted fugitive for years. King Saul loved him as his own son, yet hated him because he knew that his own sins had caused God to remove him from his throne and put David on it. Later in life when David was king, his own sons turned on him and caused him great anguish as he once again became a fugitive. Yet, through it all, David praised and worshiped God and wrote over 70 psalms where he cried out to God and praised Him for His love and mercy.

David was a powerful and well loved king,  and  in spite of the thorns in his side, he has revealed to us God's own heart.

The theme of this book is "Faith".

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The fifth book in the Crown Series is From Captive to Delegate

Daniel is the hero in this book, and it's all about his life and his dreams and how God worked through him to save the nation of Israel at a time when judgment was being poured out upon the land. The people who had once loved and worshiped God had now turned their backs on Him to serve false gods. He had sent prophets over the years to warn them to come back before their sins caused judgment to come upon them, but most of the people continued to live in rebellion and had no desire to serve God.

Daniel loved God and kept His faith and obedience towards Him, even after his homeland had been invaded and he had been taken captive to Babylon where he was imprisoned, and forced to serve as a eunuch. He became a powerful prophet of God and served in the king's palace where he was highly respected by almost everyone—but not by the magicians and false advisers.  Daniel endured great distress, including being thrown into a den full of hungry lions, and his tasks were challenging and often more than most of us could bare.

Daniel was mocked and targeted for praying to his God in a land that was filled with false gods, but he prayed anyway.

The theme of this book is "Not ashamed".

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The sixth book in the Crown Series is called From Orphan to Queen

Esther is the heroine of this book because she risked her own physical life to save the Jewish nation. The story begins when she was a young girl named Hadassah who lived in the land of Persia that was ruled by a brutal and evil king. Her homeland had been invaded and the Jewish people had been taken captive years earlier. Hadassah's parents had been killed and her beloved uncle took her in as his own daughter.

We learn how this innocent girl was forced to change her name and become queen to this evil king, and how she won the hearts of all the people. The king loved her dearly, and this was not a normal emotion for a man of his stature, but even so, Queen Esther was very humble before him. When she learned that an evil scheme had been plotted to destroy the remaining Jewish people in her land, Esther risked her own life to save them even though she knew that she would likely die for her boldness to stand up for her people.

Esther will show you that in spite of evil plots, when we know and love God and trust Him, we can overcome it all.

The theme of this book is, "Obedience".

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