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If you could have only one book, it should be the Bible. This book is written by faithful men and entirely inspired by God. It is not controversial as many people think, but the truth within the pages will be revealed to those who read it prayerfully and with the purpose of knowing, loving, and serving God. 

There are many books on the market today that talk about God and what He wants for us, and unfortunately, many of them are inspired by deception and will lead their readers down a wrong path. If you want to know God, experience His love and grace, and be covered by His hand of protection as we wait for His promise to redeem us, then we need to be sure that the full content of HIS Scriptures is the basis of all the books we read.

The books that I have written and want to share with you are based entirelyon Scripture and not on my own interpretation or opinion. I believe that God has inspired me to write each one of them, and I want to share them with you so that you can know the heart of God, who Jesus is and why He came to earth to save you.   

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In this world today, people of every culture and status are searching for their identity, for some value that makes their life worth living. If this is you, please know this: God loves you, and to Jesus, YOUR LIFE MATTERS! He died for your sins to save YOU so that YOU could be filled with His Spirit and redeemed back to God, our Heavenly Father. It doesn't mater what your background is or what others think of you—the only thing that matters is that Jesus loves you and that you know this truth in your heart. 

This book comprises several stories of Bible heroes whose lives God saved despite what was going on around them, and despite what others thought. God loves every person ever born, and He loves YOU, and He has a purpose for your life because YOU are important to Him. So, be encouraged because to God, YOUR life matters!

I hope this book will help you know how important you are to God. This book is available at all Amazon stores in paper back and e-book format, as well as in Walmart, Chapters/Indigo and all Apple, iTunes, Kobo and Barnes & Nobel stores.

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REJOICE is a collection of Scriptures that will encourage and inspire you to rejoice in the Lord because He loves you. Whether you are happy or sad, excited or stressed, at peace or fighting adversity, you need to know that God loves you and that He will never leave you.  When you face challenges that cause you pain and fear, or that try to break you so that you want to give up, this is when you need to rejoice in God the most—not because of the suffering, but because He IS God! He is the Creator of the Universe and He's your Heavenly Father and there is no one and nothing more powerful than God. Jesus loves you, has saved you from your sins, and has a fantastic future for you, but the devil wants to destroy you so he brings on the problems to discourage you and cause you to separate yourself from the One who can and will help.

When you focus on the problems, the negative thoughts and your reactions get worse because without realizing it, you are giving over to the enemy and he grows in power over your situation, but when you praise the Lord, the Bible says the devils flees because you bring God's presence, and He comes with His peace and becomes the help you need..

I hope this book will bless you but don't stop here. Dig into your Bible and study; the more you learn of God, the more you'll want to rejoice!

This book is available at all Amazon stores in paper back and e-book format, as well as Walmart, Chapters/Indigo and all Apple, iTunes, Kobo and Barnes & Nobel stores.

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Now a book of Scriptures to help you through your trials!

So often in life we face trials and need God to help us, but in the midst of it all, we forget that God has already defeated every conflict we'll ever have, and the Scriptures that we need to encourage us get lost in our memory. This book lists many of the titles that we know God has and each one is filled with Scriptures that will inspire and encourage you to put your faith in Him and stand! As you read and learn, God will become part of your life because you'll see Him as a Father who loves you and wants to bless you beyond your imagination.

This book is written as a devotional so you can read each chapter and be filled with the Scriptures that pertain to each title.

Books are currently available in paperback and e-book format at all Amazon stores and as an e-book on Smashwords, and will soon be available at Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Apple, iTune and all Chapter/Indigo stores, as well as Walmart (U.S).

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There has never been a time in history when the glory of God came down from Heaven as it did on that night when Jesus was born!

This book was written to emphasize the importance of this one glorious night—the night that Jesus our Lord and Savior was born! It's filled with individual stories of those who participated in this miraculous event. Each story is a personal recount of that night as they tell of the impact that it had on their lives. The stories within the pages are based solely on Scripture, and all the Scriptures of reference are written as a preface to each story so you can see that the contents are one with Scripture.

This is written in storybook format to make it easy to read and understand, and after reading all of the individual stories, it is this author's hope that you will get a better insight into God's love for you that was fulfilled on that one glorious night.

Books are available at Chapters/Indigo, Apple and iTune stores, Walmart and Barnes & Noble Stores, Smashwords, and all Amazon stores including AMAZON.COM. Also available in large print!

This is the first in a two-book series; the sequel is The Rising Son.

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The most heroic deed known to mankind was the death and miraculous resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Lord!

Sequel to One Glorious Night, which is a collection of testimonies by those who witnessed Christ's birth, this book is about His death and resurrection. These are individual stories from those who knew Jesus and walked with Him when He was on this earth the first time. These are friends and family members who tell their stories about their relationship with Jesus and of the impact that He had on their lives. It's their heart-wrenching stories of how they dealt with His death after most of them deserted Jesus at the cross, and how their eyes were opened when they saw that He was alive again. You'll learn that out of these six people, there is only one who knew the truth at the cross.

It's based on Scripture and loaded with emotions as each person gives their personal account of their relationship with Jesus. Their touching stories will bring you closer to the Lord as you realize through their words that Jesus truly is the Son of God who came to earth to save us. It's written in storybook format for easy reading, and it's this author's hope that the impact of His life as you read each one will bring you to a closer walk with our Lord.

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The purpose of this book is to encourage readers to not give in to the ways of the world and to not be deceived by false doctrines and fake Christians. In today's world, the general consensus seems to be that God loves everyone just as they are and that we are all saved and going to Heaven, and that we can be ourselves and not have to change because God accepts us just as we are. The truth is that God calls us to repentance just as we are, and He forgives all our sins just as we are, but we cannot stay in that attitude of life. We are new creatures once we receive His salvation and our attitudes and personalities will change because we no longer belong to the world; we belong to Jesus and His Spirit lives in us and teaches us His ways.

We need a personal relationship with Jesus, and we do this by reading the Bible to get His words of knowledge and wisdom deep into our heart. Then we spend time in prayer and worship to further develop our relationship with Him. This is the only way to know Jesus—our salvation is very personal. As we grow, we become like Jesus and our old habits, attitudes, expressions, desires and reactions will become like His and no longer like like of the world. Yet, the world will say it's still okay. This book covers many areas of life that will help believers develop their Christian character so they can be the person that Jesus has called them to be.

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Many Christians live in defeat because they don't know that Jesus has already healed them from their sickness, sorrows and trials that this world puts on them. We need to open our heart and our eyes to the truth, and that is that Jesus overcame them all when He died for our sins on the cross. When we don't study the Bible to know the truth, we can easily fall into the ways of the world and assume that there is no hope for us to get out of our afflictions. The world loves to draw us down, but Christ came to set us free!

This book is filled with many examples of issues that people suffer from such as grief, depression, sickness, addictions, anger and loneliness, to mention a few. It provides Scriptures to each one to show that Jesus has already overcome them all for you, and that all we have to do is know it and believe it. It's this author's hope that this book will encourage you to read the Bible so you can know Jesus in a very personal way and these truths will become very real to you. When you put your faith and trust in Jesus, you will see that He will give you the victory through all your trials, and that's because, when you trust Him, Jesus Saves!

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God is calling sinners to repentance and many are hearing the call and then being deceived into following false doctrines. The concept of Christianity has been distorted over the years and now anyone who agrees that a man named Jesus once walked the earth is considered to be a Christian even though they don't know Jesus and have never accepted Him as their Savior. The new age Christianity is taking over the Christian world, and the truth of the Scriptures is being hidden. The fact that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and fills us with His Spirit to make us a new person is being totally left out of the "religion". If we really are a Christian, we will no longer desire to sin and, in fact, we will change our words, actions and habits to line up with His. 

The purpose of this book is to open the eyes of believers so they can see the true Jesus and follow Him. It describes many ways that this world has changed the laws of God and how deception is luring people into its trap. But it also encourages readers to turn from the world and follow Jesus. It is this author's hope that this book will inspire readers to stop listening to what people say and start hearing what God already said. He is the same yesterday, today and forever, and what He said in the Old Testament is still true today, in spite of the fact that world religious leaders deny that truth. The only way to Heaven is to realize that we are sinners in need of a Savior, and that Jesus is that Savior, that He came from Heaven to take on our sins and that He paid the punishment for them. Read the book and compare its content to the Scriptures, and then study the Scriptures and get God's truth into your heart so you will know Jesus and not be deceived.

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Faith is the substance of things hoped for; it's the evidence of things not seen. It's the foundation on which we build our relationship with Jesus. It is not a formula where we quote Scriptures or give physical gifts to the church to gain riches, to prosper or to become successful in this world's system. That takes faith in oneself, but it has nothing to do with God. We need to have confidence in ourselves, but we cannot use God's words for self-indulgence. The faith that He gives us is the substance that we have to build our relationship with Him.

The only way to get faith is to read the Bible every day, to pray and praise Him every day so that we can develop a relationship with Jesus. This book was written to inspire you to know God and to encourage you to read the Bible yourself so His truth can get deep into your heart. This is a devotional book that allows you to read one passage each day so that you can meditate on what you've read. It is based solely on Scripture because the Scriptures are God's words and there is no better way to know God than to know His heart through His own words. 

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When it comes to what God has set out in the Holy Bible, there is NO compromise! What God said in the Old Testament, Jesus confirmed in the New Testament and those words cannot be changed! Today's new age church has not put God at the head but instead, has put itself in God's place and has determined what we will and will not uphold. It has changed Scriptures to suit its own lustful desires and as a result, we are surrounded in false doctrines and erroneous teaching. The bottom line is: we either follow Jesus or we don't! We either accept God's words and obey them or we don't. The result? The Bible says that the wages of sin is death.

This book is filled with questions and answers that people have regarding many of today's issues. The government has revised God's laws and the church has changed them to make being a Christian easy and without a change of heart. But what does God say about these issues? If we are going to follow Jesus, then we will have to study the Bible, accept what God said and obey Him. We do not want to be with the crowd that follows a false Christ. We want to be in that small crowd that hears His voice when He calls and that gets to spend eternity with our Lord, Savior and King.

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This book is about the life of Jesus from birth to death to resurrection. It covers His entire life according to Scripture and is written in a very simplistic format. Originally intended to be a Christmas book about Jesus, it has become a favorite year 'round because His miraculous birth and His purpose for coming to earth cannot be limited to one season a year. This story needs to be read anytime, and the message needs to in our hearts every day.

It's perfect for children and even new believers because it is written in words that can be easily understood. It's also in large print that enables children and even the elderly to read it with ease and understand the message. The story is based solely on Scripture with this author's imagination filling in the simple details to make this amazing amazing story one that you will want to read and share with others!

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