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 Ronnie's Books

Ronnie co-authored this booklet with three other Christian authors. 


Ronnie manages an online Short Story group at LinkedIn called the Aspiring Writers Short Story Competitions, and each year an anthology is published with the winning stories compiled to make one great aspiring read.


Just Released!

This book will hopefully answer many of the questions that plague Christians today. There are so many diverse false doctrines infiltrating the churches and being exposed on public television that it's getting very difficult to find the real gospel of Jesus. Ronnie uses scripture to bring to light God's view on the many issues that new Christians ask about Christianity today.

Some of these questions include: Is the devil God's equal counterpart? What is God's view on divorce? How does God feel about abortion? Is there really a Heaven and a hell? Can Christians have material wealth? What is the Unpardonable Sin? And how can we tell the false teachers from the real ones?

This book is not written with Ronnie's opinion—her answers are all totally supported by Bible scripture so that you can know what God's view is. Her purpose is to get Christians to study the Bible for themselves so they can know God.


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 Mandate for my Fiction Books

All of my books are written with the intention of keeping the readers in a state of waiting anxiously to see what happens next. NONE of my books contain profanity, sexual content or insolence.

Regarding my young adult series:

I believe that the characters and the situations in my books will help to develop the character in young adult readers. I want to encourage them to read and my books offer excitement, action and adventure in today's world while upholding morals and values in a way that I hope will encourage them in their own lives.

Regarding my adult series:

I believe that good books can be filled with excitement and suspense, action and surprise without the use of profanity or sexuality. My books are written to draw the reader into the situation rather than into physical lust.

...Ronnie Dauber, author

 Awesome Book Reviews!


"Mudslide was the ultimate page turner book that I have ever read. You just want to see if they were going to survive everything or if any relationships would build, but most of all you want that adrenalin rush that you get from reading this book."

....Taylor Stark, high school student in Mississauga, Ontario


"This long awaited sequel to Ronnie Dauber's Mudslide is certainly exciting and packs a punch.....Ronnie Dauber has matured Sarah to deal with the subject of Alzheimer's.....the tension never lets up."

....Jonathan Shaw, author and book reviewer in the UK


Whiteout.. another GREAT book!! Once I started reading it I couldn't put it down! I recommend this book to anyone who loves to read and likes the suspense of not knowing what's going to happen.. Thanks Ronnie for another great book, keep up the great work! Your fans are waiting for the next thriller!!

...Stella DeRosier Caron, fan in NS, Canada


Raging Waters:

I was totally captivated from the first page to the last. Ronnie packs in the non-stop action while dealing with the real life issues of an autistic child. Another GREAT book that I recommend to anyone who wants a real adrenalin rush highlighted with emotion and touched with a spark of romance. A great book!

...Cathy Vaughan, fan in Ontario, Canada


Web Secrets:

"Sometimes a book is compelling in spite of its faults. I found Web Secrets, by Ronnie Dauber, such a book. The story is tremendous and moves well, with cliff-hangers at the end of each chapter. I had to finish the story."

....Stuart Atkin, best selling author in the UK

 Let Faith Arise!

Ronnie Dauber was staring death in the eye when she stepped away from what the doctor was telling her to do. She put her faith in God and went a different route.

With prayer and faith, she tackled the seemingly impossible task of changing her lifestyle to save her life. It was do-or-die. She did it and can testify that faith carried her through and she beat the cancer.

Let Faith Arise! is about the path she walked “in the valley in the shadow of death” and how she arose victorious because of her steadfast faith.

This book clearly defines what faith is, how to obtain it and how to maintain it to keep it alive and growing. The final chapter is her personal testimony of what happened to her, ending with, “With faith, all things are possible.”

...Ruth Ann Hixson, author and book reviewer, U.S.