Whiteout is the third book in the young adult adventure series, The Misadventures of Sarah Davies. It's packed with action and suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Sarah and her friends plan to spend a few days in North Dakota enjoying the great outdoors, but when an unexpected weather change threatens their plans and Brad's uncle goes missing, they end up struggling to stay alive as their fun ski trip turns into challenging mission of rescue and survival. 

 About the Characters

Sarah Davies is now dating Brad, and her cousin, Meagan, is dating Ali, although most of their time is taken up with their studies since they are all now in college. The four teens have become an inseparable team and have already shared two exciting adventures together.

Brad's cousin, Holly, visited him and his mother in the fall with her fiance, Ryan, and it didn't take long for Sarah and Meagan to become good friends with her. Even though Holly is from the rich side of town, she has many of Brad's passions and the girls are drawn to her.

In fact, Holly invites all four of them to her home so they can spend the first winter break from college engaged in outdoor winter activities, and Sarah and Meagan are thrilled to be invited.


About the Story

Whiteout takes place in a small town in North Dakota during the winter break of Sarah's first year of college. Sarah and Meagan, along with Brad and Ali are guests of Brad's cousin, Holly, at her luxury home for a week. They plan to ski and skate and have a blast enjoying the outdoor sports at the nearby ski resort.

However, as it often happens with Sarah, she has a premonition through a dream that things will go very wrong and sure enough, they do.

The weather changes and turns into a major snow storm but before they can figure out how to get home, they learn that Brad's uncle has gone missing and from his distress call, they assume that he's been in a car accident.

With the weather raging against them and local rescue teams not able to search for him because of the storm, the team of teens sets out to find him. But things are not what they seem and they soon learn that Uncle Hugh is in far more danger than they suspected. And Sarah slowly begins to live the nightmare that has been haunting her.

Excerpt from Whiteout


Prologue: The Dream


         Meagan and I had been invited by Brad’s cousin, Holly, to her parent’s luxury home in North Dakota to enjoy a few days of outdoor winter sports and a formal dinner party with her fiancé, Ryan. It was the winter break during our first year of college and we were thrilled that we could go skiing on the big slopes, but even more than that, we would finally have the opportunity to dress up for Brad and Ali?

         Everything was planned so carefully and Meagan and I were excited and ready to go. We boarded the bus in the middle of the night with Brad and Ali, and after the initial excitement of the trip began to wear off, I found the gentle movement of the ride so relaxing that it put me to sleep. 

         A while later, though, I woke up in a startle with my heart pounding and fear surging through my body from a dream that seemed so real and threatening, that I just wanted to turn around and go back home. I wanted to talk to someone about it but everyone was asleep, and so I leaned back in the seat and tried to recall everything in my mind.  

         I’m not sure where I was, but I was cold and shaking and the pain that was shooting up through my body was slowly overtaking my senses as I ran into the dark unknown to stay alive. The wind was howling passed my head and the skies began to light up again with another foreboding crackle of lightning. Seconds later, the ground was trembling from the echoes of thunder that sent more chills across my neck.

            It seemed as if I was running in slow motion through knee-deep snow that was becoming deeper with every step. There was an overpowering light of some kind that was threatening me and I had no idea what it was, just that I had to escape its clutches before it caught up with me.

         Suddenly, there was an explosion that blew me into the air and then shoved me deep under the ice and snow. I screamed for help but no one heard me, and as I struggled to get out the walls of snow slowly closed in on me.

         I began pushing and kicking but nothing moved, and then everything went quiet. I couldn’t hear a sound, not even the rampant storm that was raging all around me. My heart was pounding and my ears began ringing out in fear. It was becoming harder to breathe inside this cold, dark tomb that was holding me hostage. I thought of Meagan and the guys, and I began to worry if they would find me in time, or if they would find me at all.

            It became difficult to breathe and I was terrified, so I held my breath and then pushed with all my strength to get out, but it was impossible. My lungs began hurting with each breath after that, and my head was getting fuzzy. I didn’t have any strength left and so I collapsed and closed my eyes as the deafening sounds of silence overtook my senses.

         Then suddenly, I heard someone laughing in the distance. My skin shivered and I opened my eyes slowly only to realize that I was still on the bus, and that the laughter was coming from two people at the front.

         Was this dream a warning of some kind? I wanted to cry because it felt so real, and I couldn’t shake the fear or the horrible sensation of dying alone when I realized that in my dream I had been buried alive.


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