About the Main Characters

Madison Richards is a young woman who has blamed herself throughout her life for the death of her father when she was a young girl. She doubts her own decisions and depends on friends and family to help her venture through life.

She marries James, a man several years her senior, because he is not only charming but she feels that she can depend on him. Unfortunately, his business as a salesman takes him away on many overnight trips and she's left alone.

He loves her and dotes on her when he's home and she lives for the days that he's with her.

She misses her job as hostess at the art gallery that she quit at James's request since they don't need her to work. So, she resigns to her lavish apartment to paint portraits.

Madison's mother is in an old age home because she has continued to withdraw from reality after witnessing her husband's death many years ago. But when Madison's brother was killed in a car accident several months ago, she lost grip of reality and now just stares out the window.  

Jessie is a friendly, elderly housekeeper who Madison comes to appreciate not only as a friend but as someone she can relate to. Her husband, Domenic, is an elderly gentleman who Madison comes to see as a father figure. 

 About the Story

This story is an adult suspense thriller that takes place in Riverside in New York City. Madison has quit her job at her husband's request and tries to keep herself occupied, but with his frequent business trips that takes him away, she's getting bored and lonely.

She has her long time pet companion, Max, a male terrier that she loves but when he dies from poisoning, Madison is heartbroken. She tries to find out how he died and this leads her into a web.

As she is investigating his death, several of her friends begin to disappear one at a time, and as she begins to find out why, she learns that she's the prime suspect in their disappearance.

In between visits with her ill mother and arguments with her husband for always being away, she soon learns that her marriage is failing. With everyone else gone, she becomes totally dependent on her only existing friend, but he's in cyberspace.

She soon realizes that she is alone and is torn between hating James and wanting him back.

Her mother's health is failing and some of her friends have died mysteriously. But there's much more going on than she imagines and soon she becomes dragged into a web of lies and deceit. It's not until her world begins to close in on her that Madison learns that she's the target of a psychopath killer.

 Read "THE PROLOGUE" and experience the fear that Madison is facing, but you'll need to read the book to find out why!

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