2nd edition

This edition has been modified to enable readers to understand the truth and need for faith. The cover reveals that the harvest is ready and it's time to know what faith is so we can know God and rejoice in His life for us. And the contents have been modified to help you understand better and realize the need to get faith, how to use it and why so that you can live the Christian life the way God meant you to live!

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Biblical Answers to Some of Today's Issues

This book was written to clarify many of the issues that are controversial among Christians today. With the new age move and many false doctrines on the prowl, it's easy to assume what God means when you don't know the truth. This devotional book, NO COMPROMISE! offers only biblical answers so you can know what God says about these issues. There are many concerns in our world today that Christians are being deceived by because they don't know the truth.  

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Raging Waters

This fourth book to the Sarah Davies series takes Sarah and her friends to a family reunion in an unfamiliar park where they hope to enjoy the event. But as an earlier dream predicts, the day turns into a nightmare when her five-year old cousin, who suffers from severe autism, goes missing just as an unexpected storm hovers over them. This fast-paced book is packed with adventure and emotion as the daunting search takes them to the terror of the raging waters. 

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Let Faith Arise!

This is the first edition of this devotional book on faith. It was written one message at a time during a difficult time in the author's life when she sought God for His help to bring her through a difficult battle.

The messages were formatted into  a book so that they could be shared with others. Faith is often misunderstood as a formula to get rich, when in fact, to have faith in God is to know Him. And to know Him means that we fulfill our purpose in life, share His love with others and be a blessing to those around us. Faith is the most important virtue we will ever have.

So, let your faith arise!


The Book that started the adventures with Sarah Davies

Mudslide is the first book in the five-book series called,

The Misadventures of Sarah Davies

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The second book in the series,

The Misadventures of Sarah Davies

The excitement continues as Sarah and her friends visit her grandparents in British Columbia for a summer holiday. Their fun quickly becomes a race against time rescue mission as they set out to find her injured grandfather amid a live inferno.

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 Whiteout comes next as the adventures become more complex.



This is the third book in the series,

The Misadventures of Sarah Davies

Sarah and her friends set out for a college break in North Dakota to enjoy a week of skiing. But it soon becomes a fast-paced adventure as they race against time and face a daunting challenge that pushes them to their limits.

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 Web Secrets

An Adult suspense/thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

A young woman investigates a personal issue and is unwittingly drawn into a terrifying web of deception and revenge as she learns that she's the target of a psychopathic killer. Lots of clean suspense and thrill!

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 Will there be a sequel? Only time will tell!