Mudslide is the first book in the five-book series called, The Misadventures of Sarah Davies. This is where our teen heroes come together and bond as a team to engage in a rescue and survival mission when their hiking team becomes trapped in the path of a deadly mudslide.

 About the Main Characters

Sarah Davies is the protagonist in Mudslide, as well as the other books in the series. She and her cousin, Meagan Davies, are both graduating from high school and have been neighbors and best friends all their lives. They live in a small town called Bearsfield in Idaho, and while both have different personality characteristics, they are both compassionate girls with excellent hiking skills and a love for the great outdoors.

Ali and Brad are best friends who are also in the girls' graduating class. While Ali's interests are in mechanical engineering, Brad is a computer geek whose passion is to become a highly skiiled technician.

Brad has spent the year trying to get Sarah to go out with him, but Sarah's interests have been with the highschool football icon, Rick, who just happens to be on the hiking trip, as well. At the same time, Meagan has had a crush on Ali all year but he has never realized it.

The other team members come with issues that brings challenge and stress to our main characters, and it's these conflicts that cause our hiking team to be distracted from their venture of hiking. It's also these issues that force our team to become trapped in the path of the deadly mudslide.

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 About the Story

The story takes place in the hiking trails along the Snake River in Idaho just outside of White Canyon Park. The grade 12 geography class from Bearsfield Highschool are on a three-day hiking trip to exercise their survival skills in the wilderness and without any electronic gadgets.

The class arrives after the park has been closed for two days due to heavy rain storms, but they are reassured by the park attendants that the trails will be safe and good to trek on. They are divided into three teams with a teacher heading each team.

The challenge is to not only survive without modern technology, but to collect as many colored flags along the way so that the team with the most will win. The last day will be filled with white water rafting and their last evening will be celebrated at the Resort Hotel where they'll be entertained by one of America's hottest idols. And the winning team will be taken backstage to meet him.

However, their plans change traumatically when an unexpected rain storm amid team conflicts traps Sarah's team in the path of a deadly mudslide, turning their fun venture into a quest of rescue and survival.



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