Let Faith Arise!

I wrote Let Faith Arise! because I want you to know that God is real, His Word is real and seeking after Him and having faith in Him is our purpose. Trusting God with our lives is the greatest gift we can give to Him - and to ourselves.  Christianity is not a religion; it’s knowing and loving the Lord with all of our heart, mind, soul and strength.

Faith in God is realizing who we are in Christ and what Christ has done for us so that we can become like Him. It’s accepting that on the cross Jesus died for our sins and with His stripes we are healed, and that we do NOT have to accept what the devil tries to give us.

I have lived through two life-threatening diseases and when I faced death I realized that my faith in God’s Word needed to be made stronger. I prayed constantly because I knew that God was greater than the illnesses, but time was running out and the world pressed against me for its way of healing - but I knew the only hope I had of living was having faith in God.

Throughout my long journey I sought God constantly and I wrote messages on what I was feeling - or fearing - and He gave me immeasurable comfort with each message through the scriptures that just poured out at me. With each one my faith grew stronger and stronger and I was able to disregard what the world was saying and know that I was healed.

This book, Let Faith Arise! is a collection of all the messages that I received during my own healing journey, and they are the same ones that I stand on today. I have written them out and put them together in one book so that others could be blessed, so their faith could be made stronger and so that they could receive their own healing.This is the scripture that touched me the most when I was seeking God for healing from terminal cancer:

“But Jesus turned around, and when He saw her He said, ‘Be of good cheer, daughter; your faith has made you well’.” ... Matthew 9:22                                                                                       .... thank you, Jesus!

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