About the Characters

Sarah and her cousin, Meagan, are now in college and it's been about eight months since Sarah and Brad became a couple, and Meagan and Ali became a couple.

They have all matured since their incredible adventure at Snake River when they got caught in that mudslide and had to search for lost classmates. Sarah is now very comfortable with Brad, even though she's not quite as bold in her relationship with him as Meagan is with Ali. The four teens have bonded and become a awesome team.

Their grandparents are the epitome of Santa and Mrs. Claus. He is a jolly man who just fluffs through life and lets happen whatever will happen. Mrs. Claus, on the other hand, is very methodical and analytical and doesn't like to take chances.

Grandpa's old friend keeps him busy with fishing and hunting while he mostly just annoys Sarah's grandmother. Don is opinionated and hard to get along with, but as they will learn, he's more difficult than they imagined.

In Firestorm, the teen's skills and patience is tested as they struggle to deal with issues that they are not prepared for.

 About the Story

Firestorm takes place in British Columbia at the end of the summer, just months after their great adventure with the mudslide. Sarah and Meagan have spent two weeks with their grandparents every summer since they were young children, but this would be their last visti. Their grandparents were moving back to Bearsfield and right across the street from the girls. This visit was taken up with helping Grandma pack while Grandpa did his usual puttering around until Saturday when he and his friend, Don, went out on their weekly fishing trip.

The guys were going to join the girls on the last Saturday where they would all have a big campfire as a final farewell to the home. But when Grandpa is out on his fishing trip, he sends a distress call that tells the others he is in danger and needs help.

The four teens set out into the unfamiliar forest to find Grandpa's secret fishing cul de sac and after some time, they move in to the area where the men are hiding. Grandpa is badly injured and Don has wandered off as Alzheimer's takes him back to WW2.

The teens must get the men to safety and if the basic issues on hand weren't enough to cope with, they realize that they are trapped in the forest that is now on fire.

 Read CHAPTER 3 and see what's happening with Sarah and her friends and what is waiting for them up ahead!

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